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Co production alongside people with lived experience is essential if a service wants ' lasting and meaningful' change for its users rather than short term fixes for tick boxes. #coproduction #livedexperience #drugs #alcohol #addiction #mentalhealth #volunteering #recovery #peer
"A lot of people have the idea that you wheel someone out who tells you a story that makes you cry and everyone feels inspired” New blog from Conversations on Co-production focuses on ways of involving people with #livedexperience in groups. Read it
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Our meta-analysis shows a high prevalence of #smoking (26%), hazardous #alcohol use (21%), #hypertension (14%) and #diabetes (7%) in #tuberculosis in Africa. See 👉 @emmyrov @IAmTheOlum @dr_bongomin @SpringerNature
It’s time to rethink #alcohol and the effect it’s has on your body. Andrew’s podcast breaks it all down in a way nothing I’ve read or watched ever has before!👇🏼👍
Alcohol is far worse for us than most believe. Zero is indeed better than any & beyond 2 drinks per week, negative health effects accumulate. There are ways to offset/reverse that. All that & more including hangovers & remedies on the Huberman Lab Podcast:…
Alcohol Dispenser - Fibresales Alcohol dispenser is a high-density polyethylene 200ml bottle with a locking top designed to prevent spillage #isopropyl #alcohol #cleaningproducts #isopropylalcohol…