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You know what you get with Tory Government, but... WHERE is the OPPOSITION? WHERE IS STARMER? #WhereisStarmer #MissingInaction
@ofgem #MissingInAction You are corrupt along with the #BritishGovernment How you can allow this to happen, this day & age? Hope #Karma kicks you up the #Jacksy & you end up on the wrong end of the #ShitStick 馃が馃が馃が
Where is he? China is firing missiles at Taiwan ..this is bigger than a bushfire..Where is he????
Anyone heard anything from Keir Starmer? #missinginaction. Gordon Brown now the official opposition.
Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul should have been right there with President Biden as he surveyed the flood damage in their state, but they were nowhere to be found. Kentuckians should remember that.
Note that Kentucky鈥檚 Senators, Rand & McConnell, didn鈥檛 attend. #MissingInAction #NowhereToBeFound #FailingKentucky
[WATCH] President and First Lady Meet Kentucky Families After Devastating Floods
This evil Tory government simply do not care. They would happily see us all starve and/or freeze to death. #missinginaction
#Johnson went over top, promoting a sex pest, partying whilst people died, and defending his corrupt colleagues, and now he is #MissingInAction again!
We鈥檙e hearing far, far more from the man who was Prime Minister 12 years ago in terms of actually dealing with this crisis than the current one or the next one - they are all missing in action
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UK government sits and does nothing while the cost of living spirals out of control. Not only have we had the worst prime minister ever we had the worst Tory government ever. #ToriesOut32 #JohnsonOut196 #CostOfLivingCrisis #EnergyCrisis #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ElectionNeededNow
Man it鈥檚 been a minute since I鈥檝e been on this鈥 #missinginACTION
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I disagree, this is not the tory party but this incompetent and pathetic cabal need to be ousted and punished for what they have done to our country. These actions should have consequences and not just a negative quite in history. Where is Labour and or Lib Dems #missinginaction